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Japan will participate in the World Cup training camp with two high school students to develop new Shinji Kagawa

April 18 , according to Japanese media "SOCCER KING" reported that the Japan Football Association said in a final training camp before the World Cup in Brazil , cheap soccer jerseys will elect two high school players and the national team for the final training, but whether it will bring the two name of high school players to the national team training base in Brazil to participate in the activities of the whole , is still coordination .

Japan Football Association Senior Managing Director Bo really soccer jerseys cheap original interview he said: " There will choose two appearances at the Tokyo Olympics of high school players may choose two people in what is now the national team players in the age group , and participated in the World Cup training with the national team players , as a training aide to attend the final training camp . "

Original Hiromi said, "It requires two players and adult players can physically confront into training without any problems with the team , with future development , also needed to be able to adapt to multiple locations player ."authentic soccer jerseys cheap If according to the original Bo is saying , then , that two players U17 players should be the most appropriate, because when they age just to be able to participate in the tokyo Olympics.

Original Bo is explained: cheap authentic soccer jerseys "Last year, Japan to participate in the U17 World Cup players , hope to have established the Tokyo Olympics earlier strength of the players , this year there are a variety of football , I hope the site can be more coaches to help them improve , the current for the candidate, there have been some candidates , but no final decision . "

South Africa 2010 World Cup, the Japanese national team selected four players as a training aide brought to South Africa, including the currently hot in Japan midfielder Shinji Kagawa . The other three are Kensuke cheap soccer jerseys from china Nagai , village and also well Sakai High German . Although a month in South Africa did not participate in the race , but the young Shinji Kagawa monasteries have been a very good exercise, after his move to Dortmund at the World Cup , has matured rapidly , which has become the Japanese national team is not inferior Keisuke Honda core-level players.

It is because of this last World Cup to see young players to accept the leadership role of exercise, the Japan Football Association before transferring cheap soccer jerseys free shipping two high school students make the final World Cup team as a training assistant decision , I hope they can be like , like Shinji Kagawa mature as soon as possible , to pass on the baton Kagawa .


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