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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Employee Assistance Program?

The Employee Assistance Program is designed to help you and your family with personal problems that may be too large or complex for you to handle alone. Sometimes these problems can interfere with your ability to be successful at work. The EAP provides free, confidential assessment, counseling and referral services in a professional setting.We believe that having healthy, well-adjusted employees results in improved job performance and productivity. If you are having a personal problem, Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program can help!

Who Will Know?

No one will know if you use the EAP program. Our program is strictly confidential. Everything you discuss with your counselor will be kept confidential unless you give written permission to share information. If you contact EAP, your supervisor will not be told unless you want him or her informed. However, a supervisor may refer you to the EAP program if your job performance is affected. They are trained to refer employees who need EAP services. If you decide you want help, everything you discuss will still be confidential.

 How Much Will This Cost Me?

Since your company feels that an employee should not have to worry about the cost of getting help, EAP is a free employee benefit offered to you. It will cost you nothing to use the EAP program. If additional help is recommended, you may be referred to community resources that meet your specific needs.Your group health insurance may cover some of these costs. For other services, we will make every effort to refer you to a service based on your ability to pay.


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